FIESCHI is a card game set in the Middle Ages when the Fieschi noble family lived in Italy
It has simple rules, but it requires intelligence, intuition, ability to calculating probabilities and luck.
You have to draw and to discard towers, swords, ladies and knights in the best way. The player who collects the best combinings in his point pile will be the winner.
The Fieschi were an ancient noble family of Liguria in Italy. They were Guelph and Counts of Lavagna and they played an important role in the medieval history of the Republic of Genoa. The Popes Innocent IV and Adrian V belonged to the Fieschi family.

Author: Antonino Calogero.
Publisher: Lanza del Vasto, Italy.

Players: 2 - 6.
Age: 5 – 99.
Playing time: 15 minutes.

Rules in Italian, English, French and German.
The game has no language dependence.

Price: 9 euro.

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