FAIRY POWER is a fantasy card game with simple rules, but which requires intelligence, intuition and luck.
FAIRY POWER was finalist at Premio Archimede 2008, international competition for games authors.
Wizards, orcs, dragons and very powerful fairies fight in a magic challenge. A quick and lively card game full of suspense and upsettings. Every player has always 5 cards in his hand and he can put down from 1 to 5 cards in every round, trying to make the strongest combining to win. But you have to value if making points or letting go by the round waiting for a best chance.

Author: Antonino Calogero.
Publisher: Lanza del Vasto, Italy.

Players: 2 - 6.
Age: 6 – 99.
Playing time: 15 minutes.

Rules in Italian, English, French and German.
The game has no language dependence.

Price: 9 euro.

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