CATHEDRALES is a board game set in medieval Europe. Each player is an architect builder of cathedrals who has to move quickly in Europe to find new churches to be built, procuring workers, tools and materials. The winner will be the architect who will build more cathedrals.
In the game the player must use both his ability to move on the board and his trade skill.
So he has to be able to buy the necessary resources in the best way and at the best time. He has to choose routes and means of transport, trying to escape the plague and to move quickly. And then he has to obtain confidential information.
A board game with a strong interaction among the players. They negotiate and build alliances using their intuition and their diplomacy.
You must run and fight till the end of the game.
CATHEDRALES is not just a game. It is a journey to discover the magnificent medieval cathedrals that are still an extraordinary artistic, cultural and religious heritage of Europe. Fruit of the Christian faith of their peoples, of the artistic genius of someone and of the generous fatigue of many men and women.

Author: Antonino Calogero.
Publisher: Lanza del Vasto, Italy.

Players: 2 - 6.
Age: 8 – 99.
Playing time: 90 minutes.

Rules in Italian, English, French and German.
The game has no language dependence.

Price: 22 euro.

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